Protect your Computer, Protect your business.

Just how much does your business rely on computers? Its probably far more than you know, take a small business for example, maybe just two or three people working full or even part time, checking and replying to emails, looking up information online, finding the website of a supplier for their contact details not to mention opening pdf’s, word or excel documents. the modern business can live or die by its ability to adapt to modern trends in Information Technology, just having a professional E-mail and informative website can set you above your competition, then there are the questions regarding computer security, are my emails safe from spam, hackers and spamming. what would happen if your laptop with all your clients details gets lost,stolen or simply stops working and if one of your business computers should fail then can you honestly manage without it and for how long? Addressing these issues is easier than you might think, and not as expensive as you believe, especially considering the true cost of an I.T breakdown, for example, if your main desktop computer suddenly wont switch on one morning what will you do? turn it on and off a few times just to make sure its dead is normally the way to go, then maybe wait until a colleague arrives, maybe they know what to do. then its time to find a computer repair person maybe PC World? take it along to the shop and drop it off for a couple of days, maybe a week until the get in touch with the news that the hard drive has failed and it needs a new one, ok you say, but wait what about all your data, saved emails, photos and other stuff? will you get that back? and the operating system needs re-installing but your copy of Microsoft office is missing so now you need to buy it again. the average cost of a replacement Hard disk drive under these conditions is nearly £200, plus the cost of Microsoft office from £119 dependent on version required, never mind the possible loss of irreplaceable customer details, documentation and the downtime for your staff. Considering that a full I.T support package from us costs only £210 per computer and includes a full service and check up to identify any possible future problems we can deal with before they become a serious risk to your companies productivity as well as knowing that your fully protected and supported by a company with a proven track record, is it really worth not getting our Full support?