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Ib Interiors - IT Client

IB Interiors.


IB Interiors are an interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor working in  the office, retail and leisure services sectors. IB interiors provide their services to occupiers, landlords and building managers who may be relocating, refurbishing or re-organizing an existing space, they also offer a complete decorating service, independent to their in-house fit-out sector.

Pagemark Solutions have worked closely with IB Interiors over the last 8 Years building a relationship based on their trust in our abilities , initially they asked us to help retrieve a ‘lost’ website that had gone offline after the person who built and hosted it for them had gone bust leaving them without access to their e-mails and no web presence, having got them back online and able to use their business emails again we started to provide an ad Hoc I.T Support and website editing service as and when they needed us as well as taking control of their E-mail and web hosting needs.

As they grew as a business and their I.T needs have changed over the years we here at Pagemark Solutions have been able to scale up our support to help them grow, we now provide them with a bespoke I.T Support package that caters to all their current I.T needs from remote and onsite support to full cloud file server and backup system as well as providing leased computers and full office software solutions.

Carter and Jackson printers based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire are a small family run business who rely heavily on their computers and network of digital printers working.

We here at Pagemark Solutions have been providing a full I.T support service for over ten years now, providing technical advice on the best way to optimise and manage a setup that includes five apple mac computers, an apple file server and one windows pc as well as two large Xerox digital print machines, one large format poster printer and an older power mac running an imagesetter.

As the company has grown over the years we have been there to provide repairs and servicing to all their computers as well as make sure that the file server that contains all their customers artwork (currently around 800 gigabytes and still growing) Is both running smoothly and backed up to an offsite location, over the years Pagemark solutions have been there to repair and replace computers, troubleshoot networking issues and internet problems, provided website and email support and generally be available for all manner of technical support queries.